Time is the most valuable thing in this existence so called life. Our time here is limited and it’s beyond precious. ‘Your life is ending one minute at a time’

There’s one thing You should never take away from someone without their consent and that is TIME. So what is time? If someone freely give you their attention or wouldn’t mind spending time with you then I believe they’re giving you her/his time freely. If they’re hesitant then don’t even bother because your about to waste away their life. But time goes beyond today’s present moment and now. It’s everything. And it’s all we have. We don’t truly own everything physical but we trade them for our life and when we have no more time, we have no more physical things to own. We waste time to possess material things and when someone takes that from you without your consent then that is your time has been wasted or stolen. It’s not just only sentimental value that counts but your life moments you spent pursuing that ‘valuable’. It works both ways and it can relate to anything that is in our everyday lives and every situation because everything we do, we do it using TIME.

“The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” ― Bob Marley

Well, what about the the time they promised to meet up and you prepared spending YOUR time but never fell through. Is that THEIR doing or YOUR consenting that has wasted your time? I believe at the end of it all, is that your trust in your belief in that person caused you to spend time on doing things which was fruitless and didn’t meet your expectations. Now is it then your expectations of this promised time at fault or the one you expected to produce is at fault? Or would it depend on whether if it was an unfortunate circumstances that caused this unexpected delay that caused you your time?

Now take relationships into the consideration. Have your ex’s wasted your time? Have you wasted their time?

My main question is, regardless the circumstances, could you ever repay of someone else’s time on this earth? And if so, how could that be done?