Technology gives our generation the chance to become THE GENERATION of turning point of goodness for the human history and evolution thus building the foundation of the next generation’s utopia and world peace once and for all. Let us be the generation that made the hard decisions and took the knowledge that was passed down from our previous generations and forgive those who wronged us and ask for forgiveness from whom we ourselves have wronged and catapolt our human evolution to making life on earth a true heaven on earth instead of losing our efforts to unnecessary conflicts and unnatural sufferings of the world.

We may have been evolved from savages but let not our past define us. Let us not waste the sacrifices of our ancestors who fought to give us what we have today. The great heroes who once walked among our not too distant great fathers and mothers who shaped our lives, let not their efforts be wasted by our sensitivity to our differences and let there be peace between all living things on earth.

Let us start this process and prepare this foundation. Let us become the pillars that stood tall for our children to be proud of.

Let Us Evolve Righteously!

I believe the timing of age of enlightenment and the speed at which idea evolves is much faster than physical evolution itself. However, we may hit physical limits in the way that our brains work when it comes to complex ideas and conception of thoughts that are beyond our current physical ability to comprehend but we surely are on our path to a time where the future generation compared to our current capabilities is same comparison between us humans right now to a chimpanzees. Genetically speaking this difference between HUMANS and chimps is only 1.2% as far as genum is concerned. Therefore, I have complete faith that humanity with the help of technological advancements will be able to evolve beyond just 1.2% to become, in my opinion, the Nietzschean idea of Ubermensch.

I will forever have faith that one day, under our eternal blue sky, the children of the oppressed and the children of the oppressors “will be able to sit together at the table of” humanhood in peace.