There definitely was a time where anything that pops in to my mind, I’d find it very interesting and couldn’t wait to share which from this experience I have learned that this approach is naive and harmful. But now more than the most ideas that I intend on putting out are the ones that have been tested and tasted to be thorough-enough-ly cooked and hypothesized in an effort to not spread bullshit.

If ideas and even ourselves are constantly and, maybe not consistently but continuesly evolving then can any idea be ever perfect at any given moment or could there always be room for more perfectness or couple more changing of the view points away from perfection?

Because of this question, I find it difficult to spit out bogus ideas which COULD potentially influence, halt or skew YOUR current progress and process to perfecting YOUR own ideas.

This also leads to the limitations of the language itself, specifically the everyday language (out of ~171K words [english, not to mention the other languages], average person knows ~20K – ~35K words). I believe any idea (philosophical) at the time of discovery couldn’t possibly be described 100% accurately. Simple example would be the shades of color can never and ever possibly be described to be understood accurately.

Disclaimer: this above statement has been thorough-enough-ly cooked at the current state of this idea which is intended for informational, research and note taking purposes and is subject to change without notice. So please do not consume this information if it doesn’t taste good to you 🙂

P.S. I believe the above disclaimer should be default disclaimer on every statement that anyone makes at any given time. [soundtrack included below]

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