Let Us Evolve Righteously

Technology gives our generation the chance to become THE GENERATION of turning point of goodness for the human history and evolution thus building the foundation of the next generation’s utopia and world peace once and for all. Let us be the generation that made the hard decisions and took


Utopia. What real world examples other than fictional and imaginary tales that shows what it is like to be living in an Utopian society? What social implications would arise from if we had utopian society tomorrow dropped on top of today’s mentality? This process obviously will take significant amount


Time is the most valuable thing in this existence so called life. Our time here is limited and it’s beyond precious. ‘Your life is ending one minute at a time’ There’s one thing You should never take away from someone without their consent and that is TIME. So what is


What does it mean to have a friend? To be a friend? I mean a true friend. There is no guidebook on how to be there, to support another person. No one tells you “this is how friendship works…” growing up. It is just something you are supposed to